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Yes I know we already have two cats. I love them dearly. These cats are actually my husband’s cats that he has had for years, and they let me know it. I know it seems silly, but having these cats is still not the same as having a cat of my own.

Having lost my own cat, and the cat of his I got along best of all within the last year has made me really sad. Life is always better with cats around. Both the cats we have left are quite elderly, and I would like my son to have a kitty around that he can grow up with and have for years to come. It makes me sad that the cats we have now will probably both be gone by the time he’s school age.

I don’t want a fancy pedigree cat, and I would love to have a rescue cat. Some of the best cats I have ever had were ones I had taken in as strays. I’ve been watching the humane society site on and off waiting for the right time. The hard part of it all is going to be convincing the hubby. I think he’s hoping as time goes on that I’ll forget about it.


I wanna kitty!