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I know those that follow my blog will realize that a bunch of posts disappeared this evening. For those of you that may be concerned, know their removal was completely intentional. I realize this has caused some big gaps of time in the archive, but rest assured that there is a good reason. All those private passworded posts have been added to, and have finally morphed themselves into a novel, that will hopefully be ready for release sometime in late August 2017.

I understand that I should make more time to blog, but the majority of my writing efforts have been put into finishing and editing the novel that is now titled Hereafter. I now have a website devoted solely to my writing at: aurorawildey.com and that means that this blog will mostly likely be used from now on for posts of a more personal nature. I hope you will all stay tuned during the revamp, and follow my other blog to keep up with my writing related endeavors.