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Morning comes way too early some days, and this was one of them. I had the alarm set for 6:30, but I think I woke up about 5 to check on the baby and never did get back to sleep after that. I usually wouldn’t get up that early, but an 8:30 doctors appointment was all that was available without waiting a couple of weeks, so I took it.

I almost didn’t make it there on time, because the cab didn’t show up until over a half hour after I’d asked to be picked up. I’ll remember to schedule one for even earlier next time if I have to take one in the early morning again just in case. The boys were still snoozing good when I left, but were awake by the time I got home.

Even with a nap after I got home I am still feeling tired, and a bit headachy from the early morning. I’ll be happy when it’s time for our eye doctors appointment in a couple of weeks and I can finally get some new glasses. I don’t think these glasses are doing very well anymore since the baby was born, and I’m having some issues with eye strain. Then again, I hate having to finally admit that I do need the glasses all the time now. I can’t read a thing without them anymore.

John says they are calling for several days of snow coming up, but I’m not too worried about it until we have to go out in it Monday and Wednesday. Well really I can stay home and skip Monday if I really wanted to, seeing as that appointment is for John, but I would go along for moral support if he wanted me to. Besides I like going up to Bellevue and walking around looking at things in the shops up there, even if I really don’t have the money to be doing much shopping.

For the moment Thor is contentedly playing in his pack and play. He loves to just lay in there and wiggle and kick at times while he looks at the pooh bear toys that are on the toy bar above him. He chews on his fingers, and sometimes tries to stuff his whole fist in his mouth. Maybe that means that he will be cutting teeth soon. He seems to be doing everything else a little early, so I don’t see why he shouldn’t get some teeth a bit sooner than usual too.

As for me, baby allowing, I am going to take a nice hot shower and try to call it an early night tonight after I get done with a few things I still need to do. If I hadn’t already committed to doing something online with friends this evening, I think I would be in bed already snoring.

Tomorrow I am sleeping in…well…if the baby lets me.