Just not feeling like doing much the last couple of days. The weekend and spending time with my daughter was nice. I’ve been hiding inside and avoiding the cold and all the snow we’ve had outside. I don’t understand why I haven’t felt like doing anything. I got bored with the box of DVDs I got not long ago. I’m burned out on the writing project I’ve been doing with friends since July. Photoshop hasn’t been very entertaining either, which is very unusual. I haven’t gotten much more accomplished than rotting my brain on facebook and eating my way through a bag of doritos.

Getting the motivation to start the rewrite process on the novel I’ve been working on for over a year isn’t easy. The rough draft is finished, and has been since July, that part isn’t so much the issue. It’s been difficult for me to finish books for the last three years. I used to have a friend named Penny, she was my read along buddy. She was always standing hands out by the printer whenever I finished another chapter or two wanting to see what came next. Penny passed away from cancer three years ago. Writing has been hard ever since then without my one person cheering section behind me, pushing me forward. Maybe that sounds kind of silly, maybe some people will understand, I don’t know. Sometimes it just feels pointless writing stories that no one ever reads.