I hate being this short on money. Our grocery budget figured out to around $20 this week.(Well, actually $19 after I got done buying t.p.) I think I did ok for the ammount of money i had to spend. At least all the bills are paid. A few meals of ramen, and fried potatoes and eggs aren't going to kill us. (at least I hope not.)

I did have a pretty cool dream last night, even if it got a little scary at the end. It was really strange because in the dream it was like I was still a kid. I was out with friends, and we found this really awesome looking empty house. I can remember looking through the panes of glass on the enclosed front porch, and being able to see through into this really awesome looking back yard area, and wanted to see it. Well, my friends talked me into exploring the house, since the doors were unlocked and open. I looked through an upstairs room or two, and it was all just empty and dusty like you'd expect. the layout of the place was really neat though. the floors and railings were made out of hardwood and the staircase went up so far to a landing and then split I never did make it out back to that yard, because someone started yelling for me to come see something like they were afraid, and when I went downstairs and through the kitchen, i found a lit up room filled with dolls and stuffed animals. after I left the room, even though the house was empty, it was completely lit up inside. The last thing I remember about the dream was running outside because i thought we had been caught, but I got away.

I told you the dream was strange, but the house was way cool. its just too bad I can't draw that well. i really wish i could to show people some of the place I see in my dreams.