The gas company came out again today about the repairs we had to have done due to a gas leak. They apparently said there was no longer a leak, but something wasn't properly installed, so the guy had to come back out and fix the problem. The good news is its all taken care of and the gas company says everything is ok now.  That is such a relief, let me tell you. Follow that with discovering the drain under the kitchen sink was leaking and flooding the fun..thats fixed as well.

Something odd has crossed my mind the last few days. This year is the first year since 1978 when i was 6 that i can ever remember seeing lightning in January. It has thunderstormed 5 days so far this month. This winter is nothing like anything I have ever seen. it was almost 60 degrees out the last 2 days. For January in Ohio this is unheard of.

The thunderstorm this morning has had me thinking a lot about the blizzard of 78. I was only 6 at the time, but I remember it pretty well. It's one of only 2 maybe 3 times in my life I've ever seen a thunder snowstorm, and the only other time I've ever seen lightning in January that I can recall. It's odd, because the weather we have had the last couple of days is eerily similar to the weather we had just before that blizzard hit, go figure. (Just an observation) I'm hoping mother nature doesn't plan a repeat performance. Late december and January has had some of the most messed up weather, theres no denying it.