It looks as if I am definitely not getting the rest of my things back now. Lying and cheating are apparently not enough, now he has to steal what few belongings I have left on top of it all. i know you would probably tell me what everyone else I have talked to the last few weeks has, that eventually all he's doing is going to catch up with him, and God is going to get even for me. Even if it's true its kind of small consolation. People like him just go on about their business, with no regard for the throughts and feelings of others. He always has, and he always will. I am just another in a long list of women he has left behind when they no longer keep his interest, someday soon, the girl he cheated with will be next, I have no doubt of it. I'm trying not to be bitter, but it's pretty difficult, to hear no remorse in the voice of someone who has hurt you so badly, especially someone you loved that deeply.

Its going to take some time to git rid of these feelings. Even when you're in a lot of hurt and feel totally betrayed, it's still hard sometimes to stop loving and caring for that person. It's been a month but in so many ways, the wounds are still so open. I feel alright for a couple of days till he calls again, wanting to make small talk. Sometimes I wonder if he does it just to upset me. Is he really so full of himself to believe that I can just be his friend, and forget all that he has done? He has yet to offer an appology, only excuses why he felt he was justified. He wants to go back to being only friends…I'm sorry..I just cant.