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I have no idea why sleep is eluding me, but summer has for as long as I can remember given me occasional problems with insomnia. Some nights it takes me until around 2 in the morning to finally fall asleep, and then when Thor wakes up around 5 for a bottle, it still might take me an hour or more once he settles in again to go back to sleep a second time. Most mornings I wake up for good sometime around 10 unless I have somewhere I need to be that I need to be up earlier for.

Even in the daytime naps often just don’t happen. I’ll be exhausted, and barely able to keep my eyes open, but by the time I talk the hubby into watching the baby for awhile and go lay down, I either won’t be able to fall asleep because it’s too hot in here, or I only sleep for a few minutes, and then I am awake again and still laying there exhausted while my brain goes in circles trying to nod off again. Eventually I give up and just get back out of bed…

Body exhausted, mind wide awake….the story of my life as of late.