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I’m grumpy, I’m tired and I’m sore. Last night after coming home from the chiropractor my back went into such a bad spasm that I spent half the night in the emergency room, because I had to break down and actually do something about the pain. I don’t know whether something went wrong while being adjusted yesterday, or whether lugging around my 22 pound son car seat and all threw my back out on the way home.

I hate taking pain pills, can’t stand it…don’t even want them in my house usually.

Today I am still sore, but not nearly as bad as last night thank goodness. I’ve been taking it easy and using my husband’s lap desk from the sofa to type on. I know I shouldn’t just sit here, and I need to move around a little to get myself unstiffened again, but I don’t wanna.

Maybe food would be a good idea…Lucky Charms you have become my new favorite food for the evening. Ain’t cooking, can’t make me.