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I haven’t written much these last few days because the hubby has been down sick. At first we thought he just had a bad cold, but after a week of being sick already, he suddenly began running a fever after not having one before. After a trip to the hospital Sunday morning he was diagnosed with pneumonia. The only good news is the doctor thinks he most likely isn’t contagious. With a baby in the house this is excellent news.

Thor has of course been quite clingy and grumpy through all of this. I know he probably knows something has been wrong with his daddy even if he isn’t old enough to understand what it is. After two days of antibiotics John is already doing much better, and hopefully he will be over it soon. I just hope no one else comes down sick.

It’s definitely been hard being the one having to do all the running around here. I had to do all the errands yesterday, and the grocery shopping. It normally wouldn’t be much of an issue if you owned a vehicle, but we don’t. The grocery store is just over a quarter mile away, and while the walk down there isn’t bad, the way home from there is all up a very big hill. The climb up isn’t bad empty handed, but with a few bags of groceries it’s exhausting. I know when I have done it in the past I have to stop every block just to catch my breath and rest.

I’m sitting here enjoying a moment of quiet while the baby is in the swing and entertained for the time being. I feel exhausted. I don’t sleep well by myself, and John has been camped out the last several nights on the sofa because its easier for him to sleep sitting all propped up. Hopefully if the baby allows I will be able to catch a nap later. I am not holding my breath.