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Some pictures are just to cute to pass up taking. Thor seems to recognize cookie monster from the youtube video of his favorite song. I spotted the stufty while I was out at my doctor’s appointment in the hospital gift shop and couldn’t resist getting it for him. He really seems to like cookie’s soft fur and keeps rubbing his cheek up against him. He seems to be made from the same soft fabric they make those silky furry pillows from.

At the moment the Taterbug is in his swing, and I am hoping it keeps him entertained long enough for me to get a couple of small things done. I have no illusions that he will tolerate being there for long, he usually doesn’t unless he manages to fall asleep there.

John just came in for a minute before heading back off to the laundromat so of course the baby is going to get upset all over again once he goes back.


And right on cue…