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The snow really is coming down out there today, so today Thor and I have been at home, hanging out on the sofa and trying to stay warm.

The last couple of days were a different story, with appointments, and being out on this ungodly cold we have had here the last few days. We bundled him up good, and tried not to stay out in the weather any longer than we had to between stops. I was still really glad to get home, and spend the rest of the evening snuggled under the comforter I keep on the sofa.

They’re calling for several inches of snow here by morning, but I don’t plan to go too much of anywhere, so that’s just fine with me. Thor seems to be really hungry today, a lot more hungry than he usually would be. I wonder if this means that he is about to hit yet another growth spurt soon. It may be a good thing that I am putting back clothes for him at least a size ahead, he surely doesn’t seem to stay in one size for very long at all. The sleepers that we bought him at Christmas that were so big are now fitting, and some of them are already a little small.

On other good news, John said we may be able to get the new sewing machine this weekend. Baby allowing, maybe I will be able to start making some things within the next couple of weeks. I think that would be really fun to do again, even if it’s been a long time since I’ve sewn anything. I used to do it quite a bit when my older kids were younger. I never made anything really fancy, just play clothes for them, and little costume pieces, like the cowboy vest I made for my older son when he was only about six or seven years old.

Someday I would love to get good enough at sewing to make some nicer things, but nothing like that comes without practice, and the only way to do it is to get moving on it. Sure I will have to wait awhile to be able to get out to get some supplies, but that is doable. We don’t have the big box stores near where I live, and I don’t really like shopping at them anyway if I have any other options. Maybe if I look into things I will find a smaller mom and pop type sewing store that is easier to get to. I really hope so, I really don’t like shopping at chain stores any more often than I have to.

Who knows, maybe having something to do for the rest of winter at home will break up some of the monotony around here, and give me something to do on days like today when the weather is not so nice out. Having something constructive to do usually does do a lot to lighten my mood.