It’s amazing how fast you can fall in love with babies. Thor has had me wrapped around his little finger since the second I first laid eyes on him. He surely has turned my world upside down, my world now revolves around him. Is he eating well? Is he warm enough? I must wake up half a dozen times a night sometimes just to check on him.

I know I’m blessed more than I can say to have him. Two years ago I never would have believed I’d be married now, or have another child. I think I’m the happiest I’ve ever been in my grown-up life, even with the sadness that friends and family would know about. Only time will remedy that, hopefully sooner rather than later. Even after all this time I am still hoping and praying that someday my girls will come home and my family will be whole again.

For now I guess I will just enjoy the baby snuggles and smiles as long as I can. Babies don’t stay babies for long. As sleep deprived and frazzled as I can be, I also now know just how quickly these days slip away. I’m lucky enough to be given another chance to have them once again.

Enjoying it while it lasts…I love him so much.