Why is it that someone that says they cannot be with you, will call out of the blue claiming to miss you? Trying to get over him has been hard enough without him popping up every few days to weeks to just stir those feelings up again. I'm not so convinced it isn't just because he isn't getting any from his new girlfriend, and he just wants to use me until he can have her. He doesn't understand that of course I am going to assume the worst of him now until he proves otherwise. I trusted him with our life and future together and he betrayed that, I don't see how he can expect anything but doubt from me. The longer I have looked back on the time we spent together, the clearer I have seen his selfish motivation in a lot of the things he did. He has gotten by in life on charm and the goodness and generosity of others, and probably will continue to do so as long as there is someone else waiting in line to take him in. Mr. Rockstar needs a serious reality check I just wish people would stop babying and bailing him out so he has to finally grow up for a change.