I'm sure those of you who have visited know I have been going through a very difficult time this last month or so. I deleted the old files and moved my journal I hope as a way to leave the past behind just a little and start to move on. I know it would only be more difficult with reminders like my old journal staring at me every day. For my friends, please add me to your lists again, don't feel the need to hide me. I honestly don't care if he finds my new journal or not now. If he can't deal with my honesty, then he has issues of his own, within himself to deal with. All I can do now is write what I feel now without apology. I know I can't banish him from my mind, and pretend that he never existed, but, like so many of my online friends have reminded me, I can choose not to let what he has done control me any longer.

Whitney and I are fine. I finally got the pots and pans replaced yesterday. I made a big dinner last night. I guess out of habit I made too much. About half a dozen friends off of the net offered to come over and eat the leftovers LOL. Sorry, you are all too far away, and pork chops just don't e-mail well. It's so nice to be able to cook again after all this time of having to exist off of what I could make in the microwave. The next order of business is to save up enough money to replace my bed. The couch is comfortable, but it still isn't quite the same. It is however, better than the floor.