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Some days ya just don’t wanna post…

Some days you feel a little crabby, but even if it’s only to rant, you post anyway..

These are the blogging awards for the rest of us!

Some of us would dearly love to be able to have those picture perfect parenting blogs full of happy smiling well behaved (who the heck do you think you are kidding?) children. I would love to be able to post mouth watering pics of my diet of mac and cheese and cereal, but after the first few bowls it gets kinda boring.

I won’t post a long questionnaire for recipients, but simply this:

1. Repost this pic on your blog

2. Rant a little about procrastination and life getting in the way etc.

3. Nominate 3 people who’s blogs you love, even on their not so sunny days.

My first round of recipients are:

Mommy Training Wheels


Snoozing On The Sofa

I wish I could nominate everyone, but I’m trying to keep it short, sweet and not a huge ordeal like a lot of other awards to pass along.