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I’ve been so stressed out the last couple of weeks. I didn’t talk about it here before because I didn’t want to worry anyone until I knew exactly what I was dealing with. What could happen is always worse to think about when you don’t know the answer. Thankfully this time it was good news.

I noticed some change in a birthmark on my arm that’s been there as long as I can remember. It’s gotten a little darker, and the skin seemed drier than normal. Thankfully the doctor says its benign, and likely just irritated by the sun, and to start wearing sunscreen more often.

I’m not what anyone would call a sun worshiper by any stretch of the imagination, I don’t tan, being a very fair skinned blonde, so I don’t try. Sunscreen is usually low on my list of things on my mind unless I was planning to go swimming, or to the beach. I guess I never considered that the bit of sun I get just running errands a few times a week could be a problem.

Speaking of little rays of sunshine, here’s the one that keeps me going, and smiling, even when I’m sad or scared, or just having a day that doesn’t seem to be going the way I wish it would.

I love you Taterbug 🙂