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writer's block

Ah writer’s block, why won’t you leave me?

I’ve never had such a difficult time coming up with new story ideas as I have this last couple of years, and the last year especially. I used to be full of ideas. I still have several ideas that may work for a shorter project, but nothing I can see stretching into a full length novel. Unfortunately full length novels are kind of the point of NaNoWriMo, or getting published in general.

I’ve got characters sitting here waiting to talk, but no idea where the plot of the novel would otherwise be going, for at least 3 different projects I haven’t written a single word of. I know I should tell myself, I’ll never know if they would work or not if I don’t try. People would probably question my sanity if this one project took the only bunny trail I can think of to take with it.

Maybe I just worry too much about messing up…

Or that it won’t be good enough…

I am a little afraid if I don’t think of a plan, whatever I write will turn into a long pointless ramble. Before when I have begun projects that way it has taken me several additional months to a year or more to finish them.

Those projects admittedly didn’t turn out all that horrible…

Why am I still so worried?