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Today was Thor’s 6 month checkup, which came a couple of weeks late because we had to reschedule it. The doctor seemed rather pleased with him, and even joked that we must be feeding him MiracleGro instead of formula. She swears he grows by leaps and bounds every time she sees him. I can completely see why she says that. Thor is 30 inches tall and 18 1/2 pounds now at 6 1/2 months old, which is off the charts on their growth chart. Most babies don’t grow as big has he has until they are at least a year old.

She also seemed happy with his development so far, she gave him some tummy time and watched him roll around and reach for everything. She said to help him practice sitting up a little more, and to give him lots of time on the floor on a blanket so he could start working on scooting and crawling.

On a side note, she’s referring us to a genetics doctor, not because she thinks anything is wrong with him presently, but because we have discovered that the cause of my husband’s deafness may be a congenital defect. As Thor gets a little bigger he will have to be screened for the same inner ear defect, for which sadly there is no treatment or cure. Thankfully it’s only at most a 50/50 shot of him having it at most, and if he does it just means he will likely slowly lose his hearing as he gets older, when it will happen, or to what extent, there’s no way to tell.

This condition can also be aggravated by head trauma, so sadly no contact sports for our little tough guy until we know for sure what we are dealing with. Unfortunately at the present time he is still far too young to even be properly screened for the condition. His hearing for now is extremely good, so the doctor can’t see doing the tests until he is old enough to understand what is happening, not to mention he is still small enough that he may still be far too little for the scans to see clearly.

So far so good though, now we just have to get through the post-immunization grumpiness. Thankfully he won’t need any more shots until he is a year old. That enough is reason to celebrate in my opinion.