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We seem to have gotten a lot of packages in the mail today that were waiting for us at our PO box. We rarely if ever have anything shipped directly to the house, mostly because we don’t want things walking off of our porch if we aren’t home when the mail arrives to get them right away. Ah the joys of living in the big city.

One of these packages was actually for me for a change, it contained a very much needed lightweight jacket. I have been lacking one since fall, since mine somehow vanished in the process of being prepped for the c-section back in October. This means I now have a jacket and a really hippieish looking multicolored sweater that I can wear now when its chilly out, but not cold. Yay!

Thor’s box of new stuff is always the biggest of the boxes. Today he got a new set of baby dishes with Pooh Bear on them, a cookie jar that looks like our beloved cat Poly, and last but not least, he got a new book!

One of the first things I did after opening the box was sit down to read the book, and it is a wonderfully adorable story about a kitty who loves his peace and quiet, almost as much as he loves his human. I can see this easily becoming a storytime favorite of ours. The story is simple enough for a little one to understand, but still a book even a small child learning to read on their own would love I think.

Thor turns four months old in a couple of days, and everyone knows what that means right? Cereal! I am gonna have to get pictures of this when it happens, but I still wanna double check with the doctor that it’s ok to start him on it first. That should be fun…