We had a very long day out in the on and off rain today. As anyone who knows anything about me already knows, I am not a morning person. Our day began this morning a little after 6 when Thor woke up and wanted fed. By the time I got that accomplished, there was really no point in trying to go back to bed when the alarm was going to go off at 7 anyway.

John and I both had eye doctor appointments a bit after 9 this morning, but 9 turned into almost noon by the time we got out of there. It wasn’t easy keeping Thor entertained for over an hour while John was in the back getting his own exam done. He doesn’t appear to be finished however has the doctor wants some other tests done at a later date. His eyes are far worse than mine, so this is not surprising. I guess I shouldn’t complain too much when I only really need a fairly light prescription comparably. (even if I can’t read printed pages without them at all anymore)

From there on it was taking John to the doctor, while I was upstairs picking my new frames out. Good news is all he seems to have going is a nasty cold, and she doesn’t think its anything worse. From there on it was just a matter of getting prescriptions filled, and finding John some lunch so he could take his medicine. Sadly as much as I would like to be able to eat at most of the restaurants up there in Bellevue I can’t, due to a nasty food allergy to a food that a lot of restaurants around here seem to love serving.

Thor was really good most of the day, and didn’t start fussing much until right before we were getting ready to catch the bus home. He seemed really interested in looking around at everything and everyone, at the doctor’s office, and the eyeglass store, and even started laughing when I put him on the counter at the bank to put him in his snowsuit for the bus ride home. This is more luck than we usually have with him while away from home, he normally fusses every moment that the stroller isn’t moving.

It was nice getting out today, even if neither one of us was feeling well,(for entirely different reasons) I’ve been stressing out over things maybe a little too much the last few days. I wish I could blame it entirely on hormones, but I’m not sure it works that way. Sometimes you just have to love having an anxiety disorder. I do better on some days than others, and while I’m nowhere near panic mode, my stress level isn’t always the easiest thing to deal with.