Just missing my dad. He’s been gone a little over a year now, but at times it all seems like yesterday. This is a piece I wrote about a simple day in our lives in happier times, back when I seemed to be able to find the humor in things. Maybe, just maybe I will be able to write like this again someday.

Metal Angel

     I think men have a genetic thing against shopping. It doesn't matter where you go, my father believes it is a total waste of time to browse for anything. The minute you walk in, he expects you to go straight in, get what he thinks you need and leave directly for the checkout counter.

     I got tired of sitting here in the dark, so finally yesterday morning I decided to go to Big Lots shopping for lamps. Dad did walk around the funiature portion, where most of the lamps are located, telling me how he thought anything over $15 for a lamp was totally rediculous. The only lamp I would dream of putting into my house for under this price was a lamp, with a base that had statues of deer. It isn't as tacky as it probably sounds. We are now calling it a bambi lamp and putting…

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