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John & Thor

It was really really super warm for January here today. We were able to keep the windows open all day, and even take the baby out for a walk without bundling him up in a snow suit, or wearing coats ourselves.

We didn’t go very far, just a few blocks up the road to the top of the hill. That was quite enough to wear me out, and if you know anything about the hills here in western Pennsylvania you know exactly why. Usually I don’t walk those big, steep hills on foot for just anyone, but I had a promise to keep to my grandma, that involved a certain box of candy bars.

We’ve been back on the sofa most of the evening, listening to the hubby play some nice sitar music for some friends on his weekly radio show. Thor got to play some with his polar bear puppet when the roommate came out to see him, and we thankfully finally got the batteries in his swing replaced, so hopefully it will go fast enough to keep him amused again.

I have no idea how long this warm spell is going to last, but it’s been nice. For now it’s time to try and get the baby off to sleep, which isn’t easy to do some nights. I think Thor is always worried he is going to miss something the moment he nods off. The good part is, that once he does finally decide to sleep he usually sleeps most of the night rather well for us. I hope this is another one of those good nights. I’m tired…today wore me out.