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I should be sleeping…

I’m exhausted..

But I can’t shut my brain off after a very long day as much as I would love to be able to…

Maybe the events of the last week are still getting to me. I’ve been through quite a bit, an unexpected whirlwind out of state trip, my grandfather’s funeral, and dealing with even more things that were nowhere near my list of things I wanted to do anytime soon.

Today was also my son’s two month checkup, and his first round of vaccinations. He’s fine, mom is the one having anxiety issues over it all. I know the shots are necessary, but it’s scary nonetheless having to put him through all that. You’d think having been through it all before with older children would make me less nervous, but no. He’s still my baby, and I worry just as much about him as I did all the others when they were small.

There are just too many things running through my head for me to unwind. I know a lot of it is my anxiety talking. I’ve always had a problem with that. Sometimes I believe I am a natural born worrier. What if gets to me a lot more than it should.

Someone advised me long ago that when I was worried, that I should make a list of what all was worrying me, and then make another list of things in my power I can do to make it better. Maybe I should try that later on today, when my brain is a little more functional. At the moment I don’t see how it could hurt any, but for now I believe I may finally be getting tired enough that I may give trying to get to sleep another go.

Just in time for a diaper change and a feeding…