I’ve had a hard time letting myself make a post the last few days, and not just because my computer was stolen. Everything I’ve wanted to say would turn into a long useless rant, and for all I know probably still will as I try to make sense of what doesn’t have a chance in hell of making sense.

Yes I’m upset and angry, anyone would be after coming home to find almost everything in their home stolen. I know it’s just material things that can eventually at some point be replaced, and I should be thankful that I am alive and safe here with Julian. This however, doesn’t really make what happened any easier to swallow.

Julian now has the spare phone, after the phone company thankfully replaced my second phone during the robbery. He is already addicted to angry birds, which is really amusing. He is also annoyingly good at the game and somehow has made it to the middle of level 5 within only a couple of days of seeing it for the first time hehe.

Somehow it seems as if I should be doing more, but I’m not exactly sure what it would be. I guess all this worrying and moping isn’t going to get my things back, or get what little I have left here from Ohio. I really just want to get this move over with and get on with my life, and try to be as happy as I can be in spite of everything.