Yes I am alive and in one piece. I have not been tied to the headboard or buried in the back yard. Actually I’ve been having quite a wonderful time here….obviously since I haven’t been writing updates since I’ve been here.

Even though I’ve been here since early Tuesday morning yesterday was the first we’ve really been able to pry ourselves out of the house. We took a bus ride, and then a long walk, and went shopping for a present for my daughter. Most people would bring back the usual cliche things for their teenager when they go on vacation, like a t-shirt. I bring my kidlet a frog and a bag full of rocks hehe. (actually a frog shaped purse and a lot of really nice stones from the new age store here)

Today we have some plans with some of Julian’s friends, and I am really looking forward to meeting them. I will write when I can, but well, can’t promise I won’t be quite happily distracted and otherwise occupied.