Hello world, I am alive for the most part, my computer on the other hand was not. Over a hundred dollars, and a new hard drive later, I am back on the net again. It is true that sometimes I believe that computers have species memory, and are all destined to hate me and malfunction at any given opportunity.

The last month or so hasn’t been easy, but I’ve been hanging in there. Dad just had his testing this last week to see how well the chemo has been helping, hopefully when we get the results soon it will be good news. My more personal life has taken a tailspin again, but there isn’t much I can do but hope and try to do what I can to undo that matter, even if it seems kinda hopeless sometimes. Yes I know thats kind of vague, but it’s nothing the world needs to know about, not yet at least.

Not up to much today, wanting to get some shopping done, find something resembling food, and hope nothing decides to pull the fart and die routine. If I can detach a certain calico glue kitty from my lap, I may have a chance of getting some of those things accomplished.