I never realized just how dependent I have become on the internet until the net was down all week, like it has been and likely will be for another 6-8 days. Not only do I feel out of touch with the world around me, I feel like I’m missing out on talking with friends. I’ve become so accustomed to having news at my fingertips, people to converse with almost instantly when I want to talk to them, all the addictive online games and yadda yadda.

Suddenly the line goes dead and its almost a mystery what to do with yourself. What did we do in a time before the internet and computers? Suddenly it seems I am in the middle of a struggle for thinking of other ways to keep myself entertained.

Theres always been reading, but even plowing my way through a novel a day has been leaving me bored mid-evening once I’ve run out of pages. Music is still the same old music I’ve had on my Zune for the last who knows whatever. The same DVDs you’ve watched a thousand times just aren’t nearly is appealing. I want my Youtube!

Free library wi-fi helps, but only goes so far. There’s only so much you can do, the connection is slow, and they have you net-nannied to death there. For now it is working in a pinch for the simple daily things, even if it crawls at a snails pace, and its crowded and noisy here. Forget all illusions you may have of the library being a nice and quiet place to surf the web.

I’m still looking at it possibly being as late as the end of next week before I get the net at the house repaired and up and running. I should not be such a baby about all of this, but I am spoiled now and I want my internet.