Facebook is usually wonderful, I’ve connected with so many friends I’ve lost track of, and up to this point I haven’t had much negative happen on there. Tonight everything changed with the click of a picture my aunt had commented on, one that made me want to burst into tears and made me feel nine years old all over again.

It was nothing but someone’s seemingly happy family Christmas picture, that in itself was not the issue, the issue was with seeing the face of one of the men the picture depicted. This man did some horrible unspeakable things to me and several other little girls when I was a child. His mother, who was in the picture, still to this day does not know. Part of me loves her enough, that I wouldn’t wish her the pain of knowing this, even after all this time. The other half of me did all I could do to keep from calling him out as a pervert on his facebook page.

I know there is nothing to be done as far as I am concerned, too much time has passed to do anything about what happened back then to me. The part that worries me is wondering how many other children may have fallen victim to this happy and smiling child molestor, that as of Christmas day is still walking free…and no one seems to know this but me.