I type and she supervises very well. I’ve been without heat in the house for a week now due to the furnace being on the blink, but she does her best to keep me toasty warm with the additional help of a small space heater. Hopefully, with big time luck, I will have heat again before Thanksgiving, though with the holiday fast approaching and people wanting to go on vacation I am not holding my breath. It could be worse, at least I have a couple of small electric heaters that are capable of keeping the bathroom and my bedroom somewhat warm, and the coldest its been getting down to is about 20F at night. At least I have a roof over my head and don’t have to sleep out in the wind completely, so counting blessings where I can.
Not looking forward to another Thanksgiving alone, but the cat will keep me company. There’s no reason for turkey, outside of maybe a tv dinner, and delis here don’t sell pumpkin pie by the slice, so there’s no sense in buying one I probably wont be able to finish alone. Adjusting to the prematurely empty nest here as not been and easy thing, and holidays are when it all seems the hardest. I wish people where coming over, I wish I had somewhere to go. It’s hard not to fall into pessimism when it seems the world had turned upside down and has passed you by.
I have not been left or forsaken…I will never be alone.