One hour and two Dr. Peppers ago…

Sometimes change is good. From time to time I believe everyone feels the need for a do-over, and a chance to start fresh, and this is mine. I am just another anonymous face on the internet, names have been changed to protect the innocent, and much caffeine has already been consumed. I struggle with self-doubt at my future reliability as a poster, I have not blogged regularly on any consistent basis in quite a long time. Truthfully I don’t know why I ever stopped.

I remember my Bravejournal days years ago. It was easy to blog when there was a sense of community, one that seemed truly lost with the custom new website, domain name and flashy new blog. Gone were the days of tuning in to see what everyone on my friends list had posted, and arrived the days of watching my readers drop to a trickle, and the sad fact that I had not that much interesting to say anymore without people to converse with.

I miss posting my odd little stories and someone I don’t even know stumbling upon them. I miss hitting the next blog button and whiling away hours of boredom, and seeing so many seemingly happy families, yummy looking recipies and crafts that make me feel like a Martha Stewart dropout.

Maybe finally getting words on a page is just what I need, in a place no one knows who I am and there are no expectations. Hopefully there are new friends to be made, and maybe they will be just as eccentric and a little bit crazy like I am. Kick your shoes off…come on in.