I’m suffering from a bad case of writer’s block again, and have written only about 3/4 of a chapter in the last week. Part of the reason this is going so slow I believe is the fact that I never have had a plan for where Sorrow’s Moon is going as far as plot, let alone ever had one in mind for how it would end.

There are as always infinite possibilities when it comes to an ending on any story. I do not think that a Pollyanna, happily ever after type ending will suit the story, but neither do I want to leave the characters any worse off or messed up in the head than they already are. I don’t think I’ve ever worked with a cast of characters with so many issues as this bunch started off this novel with. It hasn’t been the easiest story to get out of my head at all.

Maybe its best if I leave this one sit for now at the end of chapter 27, and leave Eric and Devin to live their own lives in my mind for awhile, before I try to peek back in on them after awhile. I know I should probably be writing something else while I am waiting for that to happen, so I’m open to suggestions. Yes I know this leaves three novels floating in various stages of completion. Three completed, three still floating, hopefully someday my batting average will improve I hope.