The last few weeks I know I’ve been sitting around doing a lot of grumbling about everything that’s gone wrong in the last year. Things are falling apart at the seams there’s no denying it, but I guess sometimes I grumble a bit to much to notice the things I’ve been blessed with in that time as well.


One of those blessings for many years now has been my dear friend Morten. I don’t know if words could ever express to him how much being his friend has meant to me, and the many ways he as helped me the last few years, both as a listening ear and in other ways. He’s given me a shoulder to cry on, even if it has only ever been on the other side of an IM window. He’s made sure my children have had a Christmas during years when on my own I could have given them nothing. He is simply to special for words, and I hope he knows every day just how much I love him for all he has done, even if it is from an ocean away.


Another friend I have been blessed with for many years is my friend Johanna. We gripe, we grumble, we get mad at people and we blog about them. You’ve been my friend in good times and bad for almost ten years now. I do hope that you know you will always have a special place in my heart, even when I get to be a grumpy hermit and go hiding and feeling sorry for myself for months at a time. Thanks for being there and not giving up on me when so many others would have.


And last but not least there is Jimbo. You’ve been there for so long, sometimes I almost forget how special you are. No I still don’t think you live on this side of reality sometimes, but I can always tell your heart is in the right place, even if you seem lost in a world that doesn’t understand you. I’m honored that you’ve chosen to adopt us as your second family these last fifteen years. Our lives wouldn’t be the same without you in it.

Guess I’ve been moping so badly over the people walking out of my life that I almost forgot to stop and appreciate just how many truly great friends I really have been blessed with. They may not be great in number, but they have big hearts, and I wish the world was filled with more like them.