It seems it gets dark earlier each day lately, and the wind is howling outside the window. I haven’t bothered to put up a Christmas tree yet, I guess I just don’t see much point in doing so. I’ve spent the last week or so trying to get a working computer again, and thanks to a good friend, and a little help from above I have one again.

I’m for the moment a little stuck on how to end Sorrow’s Moon, its kinda hard getting back in the writing frame of mind with everything else that has been going on. It hasn’t exactly been the easiest book to write so far, and I know I’ve skimmed over parts that should have had a lot more time and detail involved, but NaNoWriMo is more about writing for speed than perfection. Perfection comes when its finished I guess. This dyslexic child needs an editor. (sadly I can’t afford one)

It’s back to work finishing this story for me I hope, as soon as my fingers warm up and I can thaw out the plot bunnies that have to be hiding half frozen to death from this cold weather in there somewhere…