I thought therapy was supposed to help, and not make you feel even worse about yourself. It seems all that happens when I go to see this new counselor, is that I spend an hour being told what a horrible person I am, and how I need to “change” so I can be more normal. I am so sick of this mans attitude.

How can someone who has only met with you a handful of times claim to know everything about you? It makes me angry that I keep getting told their “expert” opinions are all that matter, and that my opinions mean nothing because of it.

“They” will decide what is best for my daughter… (after all they are the experts and a single disabled parent cant be trusted to make the “correct” decisions without outside intervention)

God help me keep my cool here…I think maybe me losing my temper finally may be what they want, so they can turn me into the raving lunatic they are already claiming me to be. It just seems hopeless that this is ever going to go away…