I’m still sitting here trying to clear the cobwebs out of my brain this morning from sleep, and trying to unscramble the thoughts passing through my head that have sprouted up in the last few days. Between the news and whisperings between friends its hard not to be worried about the way things are going. I feel kind of compelled to get the ducks all in a row so to speak, but cant really explain why because I really don’t even know myself.

Sometimes its hard to believe that no matter what that things will be alright. Its been so rough the last few months. I don’t wanna pop happy pills and walk around with a Pollyanna smile on my face like a lot of people seem to think I should. It’s not going to solve my present situation. I dont think thats the answer for all lifes problems, “take this pill…don’t worry, it’ll fix it.” its all bullshit. All it does is dull your feelings. It doesn’t help you get to the cause of the problem, or help you solve anything.

Has anyone ever considered what people who are going through hard times need are real friends? A lot of hard times are so much easier to weather if you know someone truly cares for you, and is there to help you through it.