Its been one of those weeks this week. I don’t know what to do about the present situation I am in, not that I can particularly get into the details here. I know I need to get a roommate in order to afford another, better place to live. The problem is the offers I have had are putting me in a slightly uncomfortable position, one I’m not sure I want to put myself into. (problem is I may not have a choice if things go as bad as I am expecting)

With the world and this area in the state it is in today, there doesn’t seem much chance out there for help in this case. So many other people are out there in similar shoes, too many. There is such a long waiting list for any kind of help that there essentially isn’t any help for anyone.

All I can do is enjoy these next few days before I know things will be going haywire and pray that they will not go as bad as they seem. The thought of ending up on the street scares me more than anything. Those that think family wont evict me for getting behind financially definitely don’t know my family. Seems the more I try to dig myself out of this, the worse off it gets.

Enjoying the silence, while it lasts.