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It’s so easy to get caught up in all those fun, time-wasting things they have out here in cyberspace. With all the online arcades, second life, and a host of other things to get caught up in, it’s a wonder I ever get any work done at all. The internet is certainly not conducive to productivity in the least.

I have however found a way to convince my daughter to finally do those little things I’ve been wanting her to do around the house that shes been slacking off on too much lately. Letting her have her own second life account has been wonderful in that respect. (before anyone has a cow over this maybe i should mention she is allowed on an hour a day and only with supervision) I do make her play a child avatar, and have arranged for friends to play her online “parents.”

When she does the things she is supposed to do around the house, they reward her with points to spend on her avatar, and take her on shopping trips for outfits, and things she may want for her room in their virtual house, and island, which she has full run of. She is not allowed in any other part of second life unless one of them accompanies her, or I am in control of her avatar.

It may seem like bribery to some, but at least it’s somewhat giving her a reason other than punishment to want to take care of her responsibilities a little better around here. She doesn’t have many but I’m adamant the ones she does have should be done, and get a little tired of being undermined by nosy school counselors and family members telling me that an autistic child isn’t capable of doing them. I believe that is complete and utter BS on their part. She is a lot smarter than people give her credit for, and she knows what has to be done, it is a matter of motivating her to do it, and keeping the nosy busybodies who would coddle her out of it.

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