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The first step of any journey is always the hardest. It’s going to be difficult getting back into the swing of writing semi-daily again. After a long break from it all, and a decision to start fresh at least for the time being, I guess now is as good a time as any. Bear with me.

Someone advised me not to wait until i feel i have something important to write about. When I kept a journal long ago under another guise regularly, I can remember looking back on some of the crazy things i wrote about with pride. But that was long ago, on a site with a very close-knit blogging community. But as with all good things, soon the spammers moved in, and the viruses, and it was sadly time to say goodbye to that place.

Its always strange to look back at some of the old journals I have all but abandoned in other places. They’re a window into my past, and sometimes not a kind one. They are as likely to make me laugh at myself, as make me ask what in heaven’s name i was thinking. Its time to start over again, and just make myself write semi-daily again. In a world filled with such strange randomness surely I can find at least something to put on the page everyday. I suppose I shouldn’t let myself become intimidated, by this need I seem to have for lengthy, deep and thought provoking posts. I guess the point from now on will be to write like nobody is watching.