Ever have those weeks where everything just seems to pile up on you at once? Feel the world is out to get you? If it hasn’t been one thing, its another the last couple weeks actually. I’ve lost my laptop, an entire litter of kittens, and now it seems my website, taking with it the only backups I had of my last novel. Somehow, I still try to tell myself to keep calm, that things may get better…but damn, right now all I want is a freaking beer…better make that several.

Thankfully I never deleted this account, so I will yet again begin my blogging days here on wordpress.com. Sometimes I feel like giving up, but I’m not a quitter, and I’ve come back from worse. Time to see if I can rebuild my blogroll list and transfer what posts I can recover from other blogs here. It may suck…but this blog is home again, at least for now.