Here I sit, stuck inside and writing away in the middle of a blizzard. This wasn’t eactly on my list of things to do believe me. We’ve gotten now almost two feet of snow since last night and it’s still falling rapidly. I’m not incredibly worried, as long as we dont lose power all should be fine, so far things seem to be going well in that department. There doesn’t appear to be much wind with this storm, just lots and lots of snow.

It’s an odd thing to think of, a blizzard here when the south is having warm tempreratures and tornadoes today. It does seem to be the day for strange and extreme weather, that is for certain. Then again, we are talking about Ohio, the weather is not anywhere near predicatable here. Just think, only a month ago we were still having almost spring like weather, and plants were starting to bloom out of season. Now it appears winter is hitting us finally, and seems to be determined to make up for lost time.

So here I sit, snug and warm from the laptop in bed, and I think I will just stay right here for now, unless I absolutely have to move. There’s nothing to do but work on the novel, and nowhere to go. (at least not if I have any common sense)