A few of my friends have wondered why I am posting here instead of the nice custom blog that is on my website. The answer is simple, I am still in the process of finishing the novel, now that I am back online and on a new computer. I am posting the rough draft of the novel, chapter by chapter to my blog as a means of backing it up. For the sake of keeping everything choronological, I have been making my random daily posts here instead of there.

Chapter 33 is presently in the works, and its been difficult getting back into the swing of writing again after not being able to for the last month or so. I knew the hard drive was going to go, it was just a matter of when, and thankfully, due to my backups, I only lost the majority of one chapter in the process. Now I am back, on a brand new computer, and there do not seem to be any issues to worry about for the forseeable future. (it’s back to work for me!) This novel needs to be done by the end of the month. Someone, light a fire under my hiney please, I am going to need it.