You can tell youve been in the house for two consecutive days due to cold and bad weather when strange random thoughts pop to mind and seem entertaining. You’ve got to love those random tidbits and oddities of small town life you don’t notice any other time.

In the town I live in:

Cream puffs are illegal after 10am

It is illegal to eat a donut while walking down the sidewalk backwards

We have intersections of Church & State, Washington & Delaware, and Mary & Joseph

A ball shaped black grantite headstone in the local cemetary rotates of its own accord.

Everything in town that can be called, “Harding” this or “Harding” that is, because President Warren G. Harding lived and is buried here

We have drive thru stores

We have so many sets of railroad tracks that we have 3 overpasses and you still cant get through town without getting stopped by a train

(Please pray school is back in session tomorrow Mom is going nuts)