Well I am back, on a different computer, not that the old one isn’t being repaired. Common sense and my friend Wade have reminded me that I was overdue to invest in another system as a backup. I didn’t realize until I’d had these computer problems just how much of my daily work and routine truly does revolve around the internet. My writing, my design work, and music contacts, are recently almost completely web based.

I think more than anything I am dependent on the internet as a means of communication. I realized almost immediately that the thing that I missed the most was being able to talk to the friends I usually almost take for granted now in this small electronic version of a very big world, friends I would never have had the privlidge to know otherwise: Hannie, Mort, Greg, Ummie, Donna, Paula, Blaze, BA, Moonie, Jamie, David, Ben, Jill, and countless others.

If anyone had told me as a child that someday I would have friends all over the world, I don’t know if I could have fathomed it at all. So much in this life has changed, but even as things have brought the world closer, sometimes I wonder if it is all for the better. Even with all the good, I find it sad to know that this is truly not the same world that I grew up in. It seems too much of the mystery has been lost in so many things.

I remember a time when as a child we would wake up in the morning and go outside to play, and not come back in until the streetlights came on. (everyone with any brains knew your backside would feel it if you weren’t in when those lights started flickering to life) It seems nowdays those magical hours of playing and dreaming are spent lost to the internet, video games and a television screen. Where is the imagination? Its all gone missing! It seems our kids are spoon fed what the media wants them to see, its so ingrained in us, that it seems only the rare few ever break out of the mold and question it, and are made pariahs in the process. Is the price of fitting into the mold worth the cost of losing yourself along the way? It seems only I can answer that question…