I spent all morning and a good chunk of this afternoon, on the phone with the company that built my computer. Turns out a snafu on thier part may have been part of what has been causing my system to crash and burn. Turns out when I ordered a new part for the system a couple of months back, they sent me a faulty and incompatible part which has since become discontinued and recalled.

      The company in their ever infinite wisdom, now refuses to replace said part, and have recommended that I just eat the $83 I wasted and buy a replacement…um…NO! It is bad enough that in the next few days that I am going to have to replace the already faulty power supply and totally wipe and reformat my system, but to add insult to injury they now want more money from me to fix what was their fault to begin with. I am not amused, manager please…or at least someone with a brain cell….