What is it about a full stomach that induces catatonia? I no sooner get full than all I want to do is sit back, vegitate and possibly nap the afternoon or evening away.

     I’m still working on the novel, as the computer issues I have been having have been allowing. I am now not only posting the chapters to my regular blog, but also e-mailing them to myself as a backup to my backup. Losing all that hard work would definitely not be any fun if this all goes kaput somehow, which I am hoping and praying it doesn’t.

     Chapter 31 does have me completely stumped at the present time, not to mention the fact that this novel doesn’t quite have a planned ending yet. It does seem odd even to me, most times I would know the ending before even beginning the story but not this time. Makes it difficult to get from point A to point B wthout knowing what the heck point B even is.

     I do know what part of the middle will be like. Micah, Heaven, Roman, Jonas and Ginny will be digging in for the fight in Eden Hollow. Heaven will give birth to the baby after much difficulty during a violent thunderstorm in mid July. Beyond that it’s hard to tell what is going to happen, guess I haven’t given much thought to the fisheads and her father, which I will have to start doing before the next several chapters can be written. Worst part about writing…if you don’t know…no one else does either.