I've been having a lot of strange random thoughts the last few days, but sadly have not had the motivation until now to record them. I am more frustrated than ever with my daughter's teacher and the whole educational system in general here. The teacher complains that my child will not work for her, but doesn't seem to understand that her irate and condesending attitude with my daughter may be half of the problem. How well is a child going to want to learn for anyone they feels hates them? Lady, why can't you just get the point of that?

      It's been raining here non-stop for the last 2-3 days, which pretty much keeps me from taking my daily walk. I have an inspection this afternoon, and should probably be cleaning anyway. Someone in their lovely infinite wisdom decided to call CPS and tell them I have no food in the house, even though my cabinets are almost always well stocked. Knowing my luck it is Whit's father on a revenge kick again, still trying to control our lives afrom afar. I wish he would go on with his own miserable life and leave me out of it, I left that control freak for a reason eleven years ago, and I'd prefer not to deal with him anymore. He needs to run his own house and keep his nose out of mine.

     I talked with Greg for a long time last couple nights and this morning about a lot of whats been going on.  I just hope he does know I appreciate his friendship, and having him there to talk to. It is nice to have a good christian man level with you about the male point of view when it comes to things, especially this whole Chaz breakup disaster. He has helped me a lot more than I think he will ever know.

     Out of all the friends that have been there for me the last few months, Greg and Hannie have been the most consistent. Both listen, Greg tells me the guy's point of view, both give me reality checks when I get to feeling sorry about things, and Hannie kicks me in the booty, with love of course, when I need it. I don't know how many times I have heard "Oh for the love of Buddha, girl.." the last few months. LOL

     I went shopping for a priced a digital camera to help me with the artwork projects that I really want to start doing. Turns out that the quality of camera I need and a memory card are going to cost about $220 dollars by the time I am done paying on it all. I am messing around making the avatars for right now, but if I want to start making album covers and website graphics professionally, I have to have a way to take my own shots and not rely on other people's photography. Eventually I hope to get as good at this as Rex is.

     I am going to stop writing for now, going to make some breakfast and then get moving on cleaning so I am not putting it off until the very last minute…cause I know me. Procrastination is a bad habit I'm really going to have to work on getting rid of.