I happened across an estate sale going on around 3 blocks down the road from my house. I browsed through the smaller items up for bid first, knowing I would never have enough money to even think of bidding on funiture, even though there are still some things I need for the house pretty badly.     

     The first thing I bid on was a piece of engraved cranberry glass, which I was convinced would go a lot higher. It was dated 1929…got it for a song at $9.     

     Then I bid on an entire box of old dishes for $2 just to get the 5 matching depression glass plates at the bottom, apparently the guy had no idea how much the plates really could have gone for…hehe     

     I also bid on an antique silver and mother of pearl spoon and fork set for a baby, with 3 anitique oneida baby spoons…went for $4.     

     For my daughter I bid $4 on a hand painted and numbered statue of what appears to be bambi…definitely old…a guy I showed it to says he thinks it may be worth about $100…that would be cool..      

     I also got a very cool brass and marble statue of birds in flight for $4 no idea who the maker is but it is simply gorgeous..     

     My last buy of the day was an old carnival glass candy dish, amazingly enough… for only $8. I took it over and gave it to my grandmother who has a very large collection of glassware. Grandpa says it was a downright steal for what I paid for it. All in all I think I did rather well, or at least hope that I did.     

     My stomach is still not quite back to normal today, but I'm hoping before long I will be over this. Being sick is really no fun, but it was nice to get a chance to get out and get some air.