My stomach is still hurting this morning, keeping me well glued to the bathroom. I'm not throwing up at all, but you get the idea. At first I was convinced the stomach ache was just my nerves, and even still it might be part of the problem. Mary was sick with something similar the other day when I went over to talk to her, so I've probably just come down with a bit of what made her ill.

     I have always hated being sick, ugh. The good thing about all of this is that I don't appear to be running a fever at the moment. I can't say that about last night, when I felt like I was for awhile, but didn't have a thermometer to check my temperature. Mary is fine again already, so this should all be over fairly soon, at least that is good news. I guess this is just one of those strange spring viruses that seem to be going around every year or so. Now if I can just keep my daughter from coming down with it, It'll be fine.