I feel so lost,

Sometimes it seems the world is ending

I am left questioning,

Is this the end or the beginning?

These thoughts they spin inside my head,

The flow of questions neverending.

What is your motivation?

Who is this I see in front of me?

Is there a mask you hide behind?

Are you what you claim to be?

Show me who you are inside,

I refuse to live on dreams.

The lies some tell.

Are only serving their own ending.

Pay them no attention,

The truth has its way of winning.

All is shown in its own sweet time.

Be sure the message that you're sending.

From time to time,

They play through my mind.

The questions I refuse to ask.

You can lie to me,

And I'd never know.

The one thing I can't do is lie to myself.

I had my chance,

To tell you everything today,

But looking in your eyes I got lost,

I let the chance just slip away.

Though not blind, you have my trust.

I will chance broken heart, and hell to pay.